Our Story

Tourmate by Ada the Explorer is a business which operates in the tourism sector to provide tour guide services in Nigeria and Africa by extension. Tourmate offers group tours, private tours, corporate retreats, school excursions and travel and tours consultancy of tourist attractions and destinations in Africa.

Our Promise To Our Clients

We’ll Work With Your Budget

Our team lead is a seasoned tour operator that has the skilled set and knowledge on how to manage group tour projects from start to completion

We Do What We say We’re Going To Do

We understand that our clients need to relax and unwind, so we provide a conducive atmosphere that enables relaxation

Timely Delivery

We believe that “on time” is late. Therefore, we arrange all our affairs in order to beat deadlines way ahead of time.

Safety First

We have the best HSE practices and implore everyone to pay attention to their environment on tours.